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David Goodis,CBS,Sinatra, and Chuck Barris: The Philadelphia Connection

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Chuck Barris (1929 - 2017)

Barris was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Edith (Cohen) and Nathaniel Barris, a dentist.  He attended Drexel Institute of Technology where he was a columnist for the student newspaper, The Triangle. He graduated in 1953.
Barris' first wife was Lyn Levy, the niece of William S. Paley of one of the founders of CBS. Their marriage lasted from 1957 to 1976, ending in divorce.

Born on June 6, 1895, Broadcast Pioneers member Leon Levy and his brother Isaac (Ike) were founding members of this organization.  Ike was a practicing attorney and Leon was licensed dentist. Leon was granted his degree in dentistry during 1915 from the University of Pennsylvania. He practiced for a dozen years. Dr. Levy was president of the corporation that owned WCAU (Universal Broadcasting which later became WCAU Broadcasting) from 1928 until August 1, 1949.

The Levys took WCAU Radio from a small radio station not even heard in all parts of the city to a 50,000-watt clear channel heard on the entire east coast of the United States.

It wasn’t until 1928 when the Paleys; Sam, Jacob (Sam’s brother who was sometimes called Jay) and William (Bill was Sam’s son) purchased a third interest in WCAU for $150,000 that the station went full-time. 

Now you may have heard of Bill Paley, the guy that built CBS. Well, the Levys were investors in CBS (so was Jay and Sam) and their station was the network’s first affiliate. Leon Levy married Sam Paley’s daughter, Blanche. The couple had two children, a son named Robert and a daughter called Lynne.

David Goodis was very good friends with Dick Levy (David Richard Levy) was son of Ike Levy.

Frank Sinatra wed Ava Gardner at Levy's parents house in Philadelphia on November 7th, 1951.

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Leigh Redhead 

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Goodis Centennial Birthday Celebration. Special Guest: David Goodis

10th Annual Car Pool to Hell Tour
David Goodis Centennial Birthday
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 4th, 2017

Graveside Visit To David Goodis

 David Goodis at East Oak Lane House

   Andy Kevorkian, DG and Eric Rice in East Oak Lane

 Thug-4-life in Logan.  DG and the Gang
 Thug-4-life in Logan.  DG and the Gang
 DG and Cullen Gallagher in Logan

 Ed Pettit, DG and Cullen sharing a drink in Logan


 Welcome to my home!
 Kate Pettit greets DG in East Oak Lane
 Cullen embraces DG on his 100th in East Oak Lane
 Eric Rice and DG in a literary discussion on the back porch.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pulp According to David Goodis: SOMEBODY DONE FOR

Goodis' final book: despair or breakthrough?

By Jay Gertzman
“There is more ‘redemption’ in Goodis’s novels than might otherwise appear,” wrote William Sherman, who also said, “He does not rule out chance and meaningful coincidence, the unconscious, the fact of our human divinity . . .” Since the desire to see some kind of community and mutuality emerge from exploitation, brutality, and indifference is as deep as faith itself, and just as illusive, Goodis’ attraction to readers may be based on one of their deepest wishes.
In his last novel, however, all that is left is perseverance for which there will be no rescue. Calvin Jander pursues the dancer who, like Celia in Street of no Return, mesmerizes men with her beauty, esp. b/c she, and it (not quite the same thing), are unattainable.
Frozen desire, and Calvin's service to a mother and sister who are no longer loved ones, are all that remain. That, and, perhaps, yearning for an earlier time near Route 40 in the south Jersey swampland, across the Delaware Bay from Dover, Delaware: a time of testing at the point of death, winning battles against menacing and desperate men, and having a few moments of passion with a evasive Delaware Bay princess with secrets so horrific that he could never take her back to Philadelphia.
"Purple Pain": mysterious, impossible, spiritual, and forever. Like the stone, the Amethyst.
One last thing: can you imagine Goodis’ distress as he wrote SDF? Living alone in a big house in which all that remained of his parents was their furniture; having to arrange for Herb’s institutionalization, the care for whom his parents had assigned to him so many years ago; all hope of being with Selma gone. In this situation, he wrote a novel about a future bereft of hope and love. And he had the perseverance—a kind of courage--to do it! Instead of repeating previous patterns of compulsive conduct in his life and novels, he imagined powerfully what they had led to. And he did that all alone, with a kind of assertiveness that pushed back against the pain to move past that point of no return.