Sunday, September 13, 2009

David Goodis is my favorite writer though I hardly know why.

David Goodis is my favorite 
writer though 
I hardly know why.
  1. "HIGH, WIDE AND HELLBOUND" (Fighting Aces, 1941) By David Goodis
  2. "THE VALLEY OF HELL" By Curt Benson
  3. "DEATH IS OUR BUSINESS" By Orlando Rigoni (pseudonym for Leslie Ames, Carolyn Bell and James Wesley)
  4. "FIGHTER'S UP" By Kenneth L. Sinclair
  5. "BOMBERS BEWARE" (?) By Ray P. Shotwell
  6. "FOKKERS OVER CHATEAU-THIERRY" (Fighting Aces, 1941) By Lance Kermit
  7. "KILL OR BE KILLED" By Robert J. Hogan
David Goodis wrote more than 400 pulp stories under his 
own name and several other pseudonyms.

Watch this space for more information about this 
prodigious output!

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