Saturday, September 19, 2009

GOODIS at Simon Gratz High School, February 1935

                The Senate is the supreme symbol of student government at Simon Gratz.  It is composed of senators from each grade in the school.  The 12A Class is also represented by two vice-presidents - a boy and a girl.  The president, a high senior, presides over the Student's Association: and holds a position of honor, dignity, and responsibility.  The Senate must perform many duties.  It must enact laws, appoint committees, supervise student activities, and sponsor a semi-annual color day.  The Senate has been especially fortunate this term in having an excellant president in David L. Goodis; and splendid senators who have been worthy representatives of the student body.

Left to right -- Harold Berman, Frank Weiss, John Calhoun, Norman Abramson, Samuel Slawetsky,
William Adams, DAVID GOODIS, Vera Gellard, Lillian Becker, Jane Wilkie, Rose Korn, Sydney
McIlraevey, Evelyn Coleman, Helen Bacauskas

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