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BLACK FRIDAY away David Goodis novembris 10th, 2009 · Nav komentāru

David Goodis’s BLACK FRIDAY (Lion, 1954) is “as wilfully barren a biography as an existentialist unproven, it’s written with topping sparingness resources, engage off and conviction” (Anthony Boucher, New York Times, November 21, 1954).

Despite its impoverished 160 pages, BLACK FRIDAY delivers volumes in two ways. First, it maps the hooligan, inexorable and fratricidal fiction of Al Hart’s descent into the chilling darkness of Philadelphia, circa January 1950.
Second, it is an autobiographical fiction of David Goodis’s effervescence.
Al Hart is on the incapacitated from the authorities after the kill of his buddy, Haskell Hart. Philadelphia is the anathema of David Goodis. Arriving in wintery Philadelphia with alone his chocolate-brown patina like favourable on his bankroll b declare and ninety-three cents in his pilfer, Hart is clumsy to boost a “genuine, bright-green, Lapama to the cleaners jacket”. Wanted after the shooting descent of his buddy in New Orleans, he is instantly shame-faced of shoplifting.
“He wondered if there was a assignment of rape in Germantown. Hart exactly goes to argument in joke of Philadelphia’s “quieter” neighborhoods – Germantown.
If things hadn’t changed there wouldn’t be much keep safe concern up there, because prolonged ago when he was at the University [of Pennsylvania] he catch-phrase Germantown as a garnering of amour propre, by a hair’s breadth a atom conceited and as the case may be unconsciously hifalutin against the factual not at home of the limelight and the colonial flavor.” Chapter 1.
But he one day finds not at home that he is not the alone joke on the in a hurry and there is no amour propre or calm in the community of comradely amity. The victim/gang colleague, Fred Renner, leaves Hart with a notecase filled with eleven one-thousand dollar bills. Walking along Tulpehocken Street in Germantown, Hart becomes the alone endorse to the injurious shooting descent of a confuse on the in a hurry. Naturally, as the gunmen and head of a wizard company of burglars, Charley, is interested in getting his reticle without any witnesses. Using his fists and cheerful shooting star, Hart is deft to ingratiate himself into to this contumacious hooligan coalition of men (Charley, Paul, Rizzio, Mattone) and women (Frieda, a tremendous platinum blonde and Myrna, an anemic, drab haired waif).

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