Friday, December 18, 2009


The gangsters Ernest and Momo kidnap Fido after pretending to be customers of Fido’s mother, Clarissa the prostitute.  Based on the novel Down There by David Goodis, the downwardly mobile title character reveals to Lena that he was Edouard Savoyard, even though he now performs as Charlie Koller.  Charlie stabbed Lena’s ex-boyfriend Plyne in self-defense, but Lena gets shot by Ernest and Momo in the end.  FTP name this Francois Truffaut classic of the French New Wave about a down-on-his-luck keyboardist.

Answer: Shoot the Piano Player (or Tirez sur le Pianiste)

When asked about his religious views, he said, “Thank God I’m an atheist.”  In 1930, he sparked riots among French right-wingers, because of the anticlerical content in his film, L’Âge d'Or.  He depicted poverty among the Spanish peasantry in Land Without Bread, then made several films in Mexico, including El Bruto, The Young One, and Los Olvidados.  Awarded the Golden Palm in 1961 for Viridiana, FTP name this Spanish surrealist filmmaker who collaborated with Salvador Dali on Un Chien Andalou.

Answer: Luis Buñuel       


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