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A DAY WITH DAVID GOODIS, January 10. 2010

January 10, 2010 marked the 43rd Anniversary of the Death of David Goodis.

Once again, the loyal fans and friends of David Goodis embarked on a chilling tour of David Goodis's Philadelphia.  Below is summary of our trip, caught in all of its glory!

              OAK LANE DINER

   66th Avenue & Broad Street

(L to R) Aaron Finestone, Andy Kevorkian, Steve Pause (Yonkers) and Stacy Shreffler (Boston)

Inside the Oak Lane Diner

Outside the Oak Lane Diner

The Legendary Blue Horizon

                                 1314 N. BROAD STREET
       Built to house wealthy businessmen and their families(1865), and later the headquarters for the Moose Lodge (1912). By the 1960s the Blue Horizon was known as the center of African-American community life and as a world-renowned boxing venue.  Located in North Philadelphia — "Make a left at City Hall," instructed the club's founder, Hall of Fame promoter J. Russell Peltz, "and keep going until you get scared" — the structure itself was built as a trio of Second Empire-style row houses at the end of the Civil War. In 1912, The Loyal Order of Moose bought them for a lodge, adding a ballroom and auditorium.

  In its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, fighters  fought in front of standing-room only crowds in the 1,200 seat arena, and the Blue came to epitomize the ideal of the Philadelphia fighter. 

  "Everyone knows," says Bernard Hopkins, who defended his belt a record twenty times over ten years before losing his crown on a split decision in 2005, "that when you fight a Philadelphia fighter, whether it's at the Blue Horizon or the Spectrum or wherever, you're going to see a fight. They're going to give their sweat, blood, and tears to put on a good performance. That's Philly, man. It's something in the air." Something you can still smell at the Blue Horizon.

(L to R) Dan Wolkow (New Mexico), Andy Kevorkian and Steve Pause

Aaron Finestone at the Legendary Blue Horizon


        FIRST LINE: January cold came in from two                                   rivers, formed four walls around Hart and closed in on him.

        The COLD WAS EVEN WORSE ON Broad Street.  From                the east it brought icy flavor from the Delaware. From the west it carried a mean grey frost from the Schuykill.

        He (Hart) looked south on Broad Street and the big clock on City Hall said six-twenty.  It was already getting dark and lights were showing in store windows here and there.  Hart put his hands in his trouser pockets and continued north on Broad Street.


                                                        i.      Hart gets off the train running from the law. 

 THE BURGLAR (NY: Lion, 1953) (Movie filmed in 1955, distributed in 1957, Directed by Paul Wendkos, Produced by Louis Kellman)

This unusual thriller, one of the last films of the true noir cycle, was shot solely in Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Legendary local crime writer David Goodis adapted this, his only screen play, from one of his gloomy Lion Paperbacks.  The film stars Bryn Mawr born native Jayne Mansfield in one of her earliest roles, and veteran tough guy Dan Duryea, as the doomed leader of a burglary gone wrong.  For his first feature, director Wendkos packed in (early-) Kubrickesque pacing, inventive photography, and tons of local flavor, including generous location scenes and a pivotal point hinging on the voice of John Facenda

Dan Duryea (aka Duane Swierczynski) walks across 30th Street Station.

Dan Duryea drops Jayne Mansfield off to go to Atlantic City at Track 8. 

BIRTH PLACE OF DG: 4758 North 10th Street

Centered approximately on the intersection of Broad Street and Lindley Avenue, the neighborhood is bordered by the Hunting Park neighborhood to the south, Nicetown-Tioga, Germantown, and Ogontz to the west, Feltonville and Olney to the east, and Fern Rock to the north. It is generally considered to be bordered in the south by Wingohocking Street, in the west by 16th Street and Wakefield Park, in the north by Tabor Road, and 6th Street.

The terrain is generally flat. Wingohocking Creek flows under Wingohocking Street along Logan's southern border.

Logan is the site of the infamous “sinking homes” which were built on ash and unstable landfill atop old creek beds. Over two decades nearly 1,000 houses on 17 square blocks were impacted, eventually most were razed. 

(L to R) Ed Pettit, Duane Swierczynski and Dan Wolkow

Stacy Shreffler with her copy of SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER

Ed Pettit and a toast to Goodis's first House

Andy Kevorkian


Dan Wolkow is a "True Thug-4-Life"


Sneaking a peek at the back of the former Goodis House!

Keeping watch for the neighbors -
Dan Wolkow, Andy Kevorkian and Steve Pause

Roosevelt Memorial Park

(L to R) Larry Withers, Ed Pettit, Harold "Dutch" Silver and Steve Pause

(L to R) Harold "Dutch" Silver, Dan Wolkow, Duane Swierczynski and Stacy Shreffler

Graveside service called to order by Aaron Finestone and Andy Kevorkian

Larry Withers reads

Ed Pettit toasts!

Larry Withers toasts!

Duane Swierczynski toasts!

Dan Wolkow toasts!

Aaron Finestone and Andy Kevorkian

So another year passes and we adjourn to the Club House Diner!

Here is a review of the Club House Diner befitting a Goodis Get Together!

Club House Diner is a nightmare. 


The other night my boyfriend & I decided to get a late night meal. We decided to go to The Club House Diner because we've been there multiple times and liked it. When we were seated our waitress gave us the menu without introducing herself and walked away. She didn't even bother to take our drink order. 10 minutes later she returned and took our meal order. I asked her what kind of pies they had. She told me "she didn't know" and "I would have to go look myself". 15 minutes pass by and we didn't even get our drinks yet. Another 10 minutes pass and still no sign of our waitress and on top of that a man sitting a booth over had begun to vomit all over the table and himself. I completely lost my appetite and wanted to leave. I approached the hostess stand and no one was there. At this point I'm so mad my boyfriend & I walk to our car. As we began to pull away our waitress begins to pound on our windshield and tell us she's calling the cops. I immediately get out and ask here where she was and after waiting 40 minutes we didn't even receive our drinks. She tells me we didn't order any drinks and if we don't pay she's reporting our tag number to the police. So we go inside to pay the $7.00 bill that we owed. At this point the manager says that's policy. POLICY? I can understand the whole "dine & dash" situation but WE DIDN'T EVEN DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING! I was very calm while I was inside but the wait staff surrounding her were saying snide remarks under their breath. I was visibly upset and she offered no apology. Neither did the waitress for treating us like criminals. This place is an absolute nightmare and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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