Sunday, February 7, 2010

David Goodis news in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York, NY

In François Truffaut's playful adaptation of David Goodis' noir Down There (1956), the French chanteur Charles Aznavour plays Charlie, a crestfallen (you guessed it) piano player with a cagey past. Whiling his days away at a nondescript Parisian cabaret, Charlie falls in love, but the restorative romance is interrupted by underworld intrigue when his on-the-lam, mob-tied brothers appear out of the blue. Couched in too many tonal keys to count (ironic, melancholic, tragic), Truffaut keeps the criminal circus in harmony with the esprit of his early career, and with the overarching idea that films are borne from amour.
– Jason Jude Chan




Feb 5–7


IFC Center
323 6th Ave

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  1. New York has some of the coolest music events going around. Look for the one that suits your taste.