Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To Death Do Us Part: The Deadly Women of Deadly Men.

Married to the Mob

(Graphic content ahead)…
Actress Alice Granville shows off two bullet holes in her arm at Roosevelt Hospital after she was shot by her hitman husband, Pete Donahue, 1931. The mob moll said Donahue shot her at a nightclub party to prove his affection. 
Smitty White was arrested and held at police headquarters in 1942 after her boyfriend Ralph Prisco was shot and killed during a failed hold up.
Twice Janice Drake dined with men who were gunned down the following day. Here she is photographed in 1952 as police take her into questioning after playboy Garment district boss Nat Nelson was murdered in a mob assassination hours after he was seen out with her. She spent countless nights in clubs and restaurants with some of the most senior figures in organised crime despite being a wife (to nightclub comedian Alan Drake) and mother…
Drake suffered her own unhappily ever after when she was found shot to death in the front seat of a black cadillac with mobster Little Augie Pisano in 1959. 
A fascinating look at the female companions of the New York City mafia, full feature on the NY Daily News.

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