Monday, November 16, 2015

A year full of ALL DUE RESPECT

Have you read anything from ALL DUE RESPECT?  Do not sell yourself short.  This is some of the best noir writing out there.  2016 will another banner year for ADR.  DO NOT MISS IT!

All Due Respect Books — What is coming


Okay, look above there. Nine Toes In The Grave, by Eric Beetner. This is our latest release, came out December 1.

Eric Author photo SM

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To read a classic Eric Beetner story from the original All Due Respect e-zine,A Job For Two, go here.


Okay, coming December 1, is Diesel Therapy, by Greg Barth.


Now, check this out. On January 1, we will release Debt Crusher, a freaking hard-as-nails and sexy crime novella by Michael Pool.


 Find him online at

On March 1, we got Vern In The Heat, by Rob Pierce.  This new book is a novella about a man who usually works drops and pickups for a crime organization but gets set up, and suddenly has two gang bosses after his head. And it’s a love story.


On April 1, we’ve got Suicide Lounge, the third installment in the Selena saga, by Greg Barth.

April 15, we will release Squeeze, by Chris Rhatigan. This novella features sleazy newspaper reporter Lionel Kasper, who you may remember from the novella A Pack of Lies, which was Rhatigan’s contribution to our double-noir publication Two Bullets Solve Everything. Again, Kasper proves he will do anything for a buck. Anything.

Chris Rhatigan
Next, on May 1, we will bring you something tasty:  The great Paul Brazill has gathered his wonderful shorts into a collection and we are lucky enough to get to publish it. Brazill describes The Last Laugh and Other Shots of Noir as “a sharp, violent  and blackly comic look at life through a glass darkly.”
me 2-2

On May 15, we will release Cleaning Up Finn, a noir by Sarah M. Chen.

Sarah M. Chen

 Her noir novella, Cleaning Up Finn,proves she can write something over 6,000

Now, for the summer, we’ve got some books acquired that just haven’t got an exact publication date just yet. Those books are:

Kill ‘Em With Kindness, by CS DeWildt



Only Bones, by Daniel Vlasaty, a tale of urban grit and desperation in its most pure and unfiltered state.


Also coming is Prelude to the Massacre, by Stan Miller.

Prelude To The Massacre is a completely uncompromising look at people and places and events that are truly criminal and truly awful–and completely believable. 

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