Friday, December 25, 2015

In need of some DIESEL THERAPY? Greg Barth delivers unlike no other.

Diesel Therapy, Part Two of the Selena Saga, coming December 1 from All Due Respect Books!

Be sure you do not miss out on the second in the Selena Series!  It will blow your mind.  

Selena Carson is the newest femme fatale to shatter the idea  of women should be seen and not heard!  ALL DUE RESPECT has done it again.  Greg Barth is a master to be reckoned with.  Hard-boiled noir could not be harder or more boiled in DIESEL THERAPY! Or at least not until Selena Book Three - SUICIDE LOUNGE comes out!  Get ready to engage in something you could never prepare for in your wildest of dreams!

“It’s like the wildest of the men’s adventure novels of the ’70s, updated for the new millennium. Definitely not for the faint of heart.” Bill Crider
“This is some damn good stuff, man. Greg Barth cooked up something mean and served it up and I hope none of you choke on it because it’s mighty tasty.” Eryk Pruitt, author of HASHTAG
“Reminiscent of Larry Brown’s FAY, but less innocent and more violent, SELENA combines fine writing and an indelible character to help fill the gap of female protagonists in the world of noir. –Looking forward to more from Greg Barth.” Vicki Hendricks, author of MIAMI PURITY

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