Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jay Gertzman's Pulp According to David Goodis: GOODIS' MOB BOSSES

Goodis' mob bosses are interesting in that they are coldly vicious and murderous, but soulless. Many need a gentle, even virginal woman, and have a kind of respect for the protagonist, even may think of him as a surrogate son. It's true of Sharkey (Down There), Grogan (Night Squad), Charlie (Black Friday). I'm looking for other examples. I have thought of Hammett, Red Harvest (Elihu Willsson, "Czar of Poisonville"; old and sick, but full of grasping energy) and The Glass Key (Paul Madveg, crooked pol). Also Cain, Love’s Lovely counterfeit (Ben Grace, both kind and vicious) and Thompson The Getaway (Doc, a stone killer but dependent on Carol). CAN ANYONE HELP WITH MORE EXAMPLES OF BRUTAL BUT VULNERABLE MOB BOSSES??

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