Saturday, January 2, 2016

Richard Godwin’s SAVAGE HIGHWAY Cover Contest VOTE NOW!

Richard Godwin’s SAVAGE HIGHWAY Cover Contest

Help Us Finalize A New Cover For Richard Godwin’s New Thriller SAVAGE HIGHWAY

Please vote on the cover for Richard Godwin’s SAVAGE HIGHWAY, that you think works best for the synopsis below.
richard long seriousThe synopsis:
Women are disappearing on the highway, a drifter hunts the men who raped her, and a journalist discovers law has broken down in the area.
On a remote highway in Arizona women are disappearing at truck stops. Journalist Johnny Sullivan travels to the area to investigate. He encounters hitchhiker Patty, who is being hunted by violent trucker Red. Patty tells Johnny of the local myth of the maniac trucker. Johnny also meets Valentino de La Cruz, a mysterious Mexican who is looking for his missing sister. Valentino is having an affair with Natasha, the wife of recently murdered businessman, Theodore Mills, whose wealth funds the corrupt police force in the area. The local Highway Patrol is run by sexually sadistic Sam Roche and Franklin Norman and they want to put an end to Johnny’s snooping. Marshall Simmons knows a lot about the goings on in the area, and has a young woman captive in a house. He is reprogramming her identity. Meanwhile Johnny discovers that years previously serial killer Donald Lake disappeared in the area while in transit between prisons. And it seems he had police help. But what is being done to the women? And who is running the criminal organisation that controls the area? Savage Highways is about lawlessness and the hunt for justice in a no man’s land. Pedal to the floor all the way, the narrative speeds towards its stunning and unforeseeable conclusion.
Select one of the covers below, then give us your opinions of the cover(s) by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Participants will be registered to win one of five free copies of the eBook.


  1. The silhouette of a girl on a trucker's mudflap gets my vote. As a commercial driver I see this icon constantly. It strikes the subconscious as much as the sight of a road kill or some asinine sign for a street name or town. Perhaps a bit more production is needed in the cover design as in a background pic or something besides basic black.

  2. Gordon thank you for taking the time to comment. I would be grateful if you could go to the Wild Blue site and vote there as it will affect the outcome of which cover is chosen, the same goes for anyone else who has the time, many thanks for that, here is the link and they are offering giveaways for people who comment