Sunday, June 26, 2016



Cassidy’s Girl is a $4M feature film based on the work of David Goodis
New Orleans,1954. You’re Jimmy Cassidy, a war hero and star
pilot, living well, dating debutants. That was before you lost
everything and wound up driving this crummy bus. At least
you have a hot hooch for a wife, Mildred. Too bad she’s worse
of a drunk than you.
On the same night you split up with her, after beating her
boyfriend but good, you pick up a grifter. A hot little stripper.
But, women being what they are, Mildred wants you back,
and her boyfriend, desperate to keep her, accidentally on purpose
causes your bus to crash off the Huey P. Long bridge, on a rainy
night. He makes you take the fall, so with the cops hot on your
trail, you you make a run for it.
Then Mildred puts everything she’d got into getting you back.

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