Friday, June 10, 2016

David Goodis And The Music That Guided Him (a la Woody Haut)

Once again Woody Haut takes back to the wonderful noir days of Tinseltown!  Now you cannot only shut your eyes and see David Goodis walking down Sunset Boulevard, but you can hear the tunes that inspired him.

Listen to BLACK NIGHT FALLING:David Goodis on Central Avenue at:


Listen to the music of CRY FOR A NICKEL, DIE FOR A DIME at:

Cry For a Nickel, Die For a Dime takes place in Los Angeles in the summer of 1960. JFK is in town, about to nominated by the Democrats for the upcoming presidential election; Dodger Stadium is under construction; the political influence of the Los Angeles Times’ Chandler family is at its height; Mickey Cohen is the city’s top mobster; rhythm and blues is being co-opted by large record companies; and the line separating business from organised crime has grown extremely narrow. So Cry For a Nickel, Die For a Dime sets out to investigate the various morbid symptoms produced by that particular period of transition and circumstances, fitting it all into the noir tradition of grand gesture and obsessive personalities, false turns and femmes fatales, corrupt individuals and absurd declarations, secret lives and shady pasts.

Music- jazz, blues and rhythm and blues- plays a big part in my novel Cry For a Nickel, Die For a Dime. Right down to the title of the novel, which, of course, comes from “Last Fair Deal Gone Down” by bluesman Robert Johnson:(click on hear and hear Robert Johnson)

Woody Haut is the Keynote Speaker at NoirCon 2016

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