Monday, September 26, 2016

Praise for NoirCon 2016

Noircon unlike so many corporate literary events, is big hearted. Noircon is not part of the Industrial-Entertainment-Military complex so obviously towering over us today. 
Noircon is not bland and it does not discriminate. It is about an important American literary tradition that we got, like the Statue of Liberty, from the French. 
People go to Noircon because they love the Noir genre, finding it meaningful and complex. I intended one of the best literary discussion and lecture I’ve ever heard there. It was the novelist Gary Phillip’s take on an African American crime writer Donald Goines. I walked away from that discussion a more educated novelist and American. The people who run the event Lou Boxer and Deen Kogan do a great job keeping it real.
Noircon is intimate, intelligent and most of all fun. It’s coming at you this November in Philidelphia.  Kent Harrington

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