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The Horrible Hidden Secrets OF TENDER SIN

Incest and Its Shadows: 
David Goodis' Of Tender Sin
Jay Gertzman

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"Immoral obscene, or otherwise offensive" materials.
"Placing improper advertising emphasis on crime, violence, and corruption."
U.S. House of Representatives, Select Committee on Current Pornongraphic Materials
The House Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials, commonly known as the Gathings Committee, was a select committee of the United States House of Representatives which was active in 1952 and 1953. Representative Ezekiel C. GathingsDemocrat from Arkansas, was its chairman, appointed by Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn. H. Ralph Burton was the committee's general counsel.
Representative Gathings was troubled by the contents of the pulp literaturepaperback books and comic books he saw on local newsstands, worried that they would stimulate young people to commit rape. He therefore launched a Congressional investigation into the paperback book industry, becoming so zealous that he earned the mockery of some journalists.
The Committee began its investigation in 1952 and issued its report in 1953. The report alleged that 100 million obscene comic books were sold in the United States each month, that one in ten American men readgirlie magazines, and that these were problems calling for censorship on the Federal level. The chief result of the report was to turn Gathings into a laughing stock.
See the full report HERE


1. Pulp Crime and Horror: Vicarious Atavistic Release
2. OF TENDER SIN as a Pulp Crime Novel
3. The Tender Sin: Brother-Sister Incest
4. Freudian Insights and Mythical Echoes
5. The Uncanny
Read this wonderfulpiece by Jay Gertzman and see into the true depth of the work of David Goodis. 
More than just noir, pulp crime novels.

Incest and Its Shadows David Goodis’ Of Tender Sin

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