Saturday, August 19, 2017

NoirCon is Alive and Well.

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Have no fear, NoirCon 2018 is NEAR!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 1st through November 4th

Details to follow.

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The pot is noir, and the ante is cheap! Jim Nisbet

A quick note for noirists and ebook readers:
Nick Mamatas, author, reconteur (who occasionally stops by the Arcade to chat and sign his books), and all around groovy guy, turned me on to StoryBundle, and well, check it out: 

The Green Arcade co-published Jim Nisbet's
Snitch World and Sin Soracco's
Edge City (with PM Press), as well as Sin's
Come to Me (with Ithuriel's Spear Press).   

 Writer and editor Nick Matmas and his colleagues curated a zine called Big Click over some three years and an amazing eighteen issues.  The undersigned has been a contributor.  And while it seems that Big Click has now met its STOP instruction, those concerned have come up with an interesting wrinkle on the always-thorny issues of dissemination and propagation.   

For a limited period -- about three weeks, starting yesterday, 5/9/17, complete with countdown clock -- Big Click and an affiliation of small publishers have made available a Big Click anthology as well as some fourteen bonus entities, including  Snitch World, a novel authored by yr hmbl srvnt.
To access, clickquez ici: 
The pot is noir, and the ante is cheap -- peanuts, really, considering how much work is available here.  It's all in the format of little ones and zeros of course; but If you're into exploring adventurous literature via one or another or your devices, this could be the deal for you.