Saturday, January 20, 2018

RF Lucchetti - The "Pope of Pulp Fiction" in Brazil - "A Human Pulp-Fiction Factory"



the new book by RF Lucchetti

The fictionist Rubens Francisco (RF) Lucchetti does not stop. The dean of national horror pulp is preparing to launch a new story unpublished. Five Dolls of Violet Eyes is, according to the author himself, a mixture of giallo, horror and electronic music. The book is expected to be released later this year. 

The interesting thing is that to write the book, Lucchetti had the collaboration of the musician Daniel Piquê, who gave the master information about the electronic music universe, so that he could write the story, and that he turned into a character. "He answered a number of questions related to Electronic Music and to his universe," Lucchetti said.

According to the author, the idea of ​​writing the book appeared at the beginning of the year, when he received the visit of Lucas Arantes and Daniel Piquê. Lucas wanted to do an interview with the master and Daniel would accompany him. Daniel suggested that Lucchetti write about the electronic music universe.

According to Lucchetti, he accepted the challenge as something "refreshing and innovative" for him. Like Daniel, Lucchetti became a character in the story, mixing real characters with fictional characters. 

Recently, Lucchetti has released two unpublished books: Where is Blondie? and The Daughter of Dracula .

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