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FilmYard: Noir in Frenchtown, New Jersey
Artyard Theatre
62A Trento Avenue, Frenchtown, NY


Friday, May 18th thru Sunday, May 19th

A multi-media mini-festival celebration of the genre Film Noir grew out of the World War Two era as a cultural and literary response to the existential darkness in human nature that was revealed at that time. It’s time to remember that artistic interpretation of experience in light of today. 

I envision a show that would include: 

1) Visual Arts – I have a collection of some very large posters 84x84 size 

Image result for track the man down 1955

2) Books – I have a large collection of vintage paperback noir books that I would love to display in racks we could install along one of the gallery walls 

Image result for A Hell Of A woman

3) Film – A mini-festival of classic famous and obscure noir movies. 

Image result for Detour, the movie

4) Television – a rare screening of episodes of Fallen Angels, which I produced for Showtime.  

Image result for fallen angels, showtime

5) Photography – yes, vintage photos from an early 80’s art installation called The Mystery Show we staged in Chicago  

6) Music – I have this album, for background music, but it would be fun to find a band to play music in this genre. Or maybe Matthew Cullen to recreate a film score in this style.  

Image result for Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, music by Stan Purdy

7) Speakers – most importantly, I would like to involve and invite two close friends to be a part of the show – Howard Rodman, screenwriter and president of the Writers Guild, and Scott Frank, writer, director, author. They were both part of Fallen Angels and are Noir aficionados and authorities.

Image result for Howard Rodman

Image result for Scott Frank

Howard is also friends with BARRY GIFFORD (Lost Highway) if we wanted to invite a contemporary author to give a reading. I think this could be a unique, immersive and original experience. I am imagining a Friday/Sat/Sunday show. Obviously the more gallery space that is available to hang art the better. I’m hoping we could hang it and have the show and take it down over one week. I’d love to NOT have to frame the large posters; they are huge and I have no where to put them after the show. But they are in sections, so we would have to see if we could devise a clever way to hang them temporarily. I was imagining Chris could build something cheaply as wall mounted racks for all the paperbacks. It would be cool if it was a Wall of books, like when you had the wall of nails. 

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