Friday, December 21, 2018

Ken Bruen Delivers Like No Other In Time For Christmas

Marilyn Stasio Plays Bad Santa in This Holiday Crime Column

CreditPablo Amargo
CreditCreditPablo Amargo
By Marilyn Stasio

Ho-Ho-Ho, kiddies. Here comes Bad Santa with another gift sack filled with mysteries, crime stories and body parts. Ugh, what’s that gooey red stuff dripping out of Santa’s bag? Not to worry, just some melted candy canes. Now, on to this year’s rundown of the best Good Books for Bad Grown-Ups.
MOST ORIGINAL MURDER METHOD: For lashing a guy to his wheelchair, sealing his mouth with superglue and tossing him into a river, a Christmas angel goes to Ken Bruen’s IN THE GALWAY SILENCE (Mysterious Press, $26). Better double the angels, though, because there are two victims — twins, no less.
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