Friday, May 27, 2022


Volume 19 Issue 3 — Special Issue Guest-Edited by Retreats from Oblivion: The Journal of NoirCon (2021) 

Editorial: Noir Now More Than Ever
By Matthew Sorrento

Caution, Double Detours Ahead!: A noir classic and its 1992 remake
By Kurt Brokaw

Dreams Come Undone: Edmund Goulding’s Nightmare Alley (Criterion Collection)
By Matthew Sorrento

Return from Neo-Oblivion: Richard Fleischer’s Trapped (1949) from Flicker Alley
By Tony Williams

Where Emotions Roil but Are Not Revealed: Ossie Davis’s Cotton Comes to Harlem
By Joseph Hirsch

Trouble at Home: Darkness in the post-war
By Christopher Sharrett

A Very Dangerous Citizen’: Abraham Polonsky,
film noir and ‘the Jewish question’
By Dean Goldberg

Philly to the Steel Pier: David Goodis’s The Burglar from novel to shooting script
By Jay A. Gertzman

The Moon Makes One Mad: The Moon in the Gutter (La Lune dans le caniveau, 1983)
By Roger Leatherwood

The Big Grab of a Heist: Any Number Can Win, from page to screen
By Brian Greene

Stalking the Stalker: Jamie Thraves adapting Patricia Highsmith’s The Cry of the Owl
By K. A. Laity

Whispers in the Mind’s Eye: Reginald Le Borg’s Calling Dr. Death (1943)
By Gary D. Rhodes

Tale of ‘The Creeper’: Hybrid noir in The House of Horrors
By Jim Towns

My Kinsman, Bulldog Drummond
By Earl Javorsky

The Other Tay Garnett Noir: Cause for Alarm
By Tiela Garnett

Interview: Eddie Muller on Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir (revised and expanded edition, 2021) (preview)
By Zoe Kurland

Interview: Ken Bruen
By Paula Murphy

Ten Reasons Not to Announce Your Movie Deal
By Ken Bruen

Interview: Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime
By Jake Rutkowski

Interview: Christa and Samantha Fuller on Samuel Fuller
By Ali Moosavi

Interview: Adrian Wootton of Film London
By Theresa Rodewald

Interview: Greg Giovanni and Andrew Repasky McElhinney
By Nicole Elizabeth Cook

The American Gun Mystery, and Other Classics to Come
By Otto Penzler

Parting Words: Noir on the horizon
By Lou Boxer, director of NoirCon

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